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Aside from your healthcare, there’s likely no greater authority you can give someone than that of managing your money for you. Steiner Law Offices provides professional assistance with powers of attorney, so this authority is given and handled properly. We work with clients to write up power of attorney paperwork and carry it out similarly to how we handle wills. Our attorney takes care to ensure that whatever is drafted for you is clear, comprehensive, and has the best chance of holding up in court.

Power of attorney is a legal document that allows whoever you choose to make financial decisions on your behalf if for any reason you are unable or unwilling to make them yourself. The best option is to make this appointment through our power of attorney law office; otherwise, the courts will make it for you. A choice as important as this one should be made by you and on your terms, and that’s what our firm offers.

Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney Offers Extra Protection

There is a crucial distinction between durable and general power of attorney. The former can be made so that the transfer of authority happens right away or when an elderly parent becomes incapacitated. This saves family members the trouble of having to go to court for guardianship. If the document does not clearly state that the power is durable, it will end when you become incapacitated. Having a durable document gives you an added safeguard, knowing that your finances are in good hands even if something happens to you.

Signing over your health and finances can seem like a scary thing, but remember that our power of attorney law office always incorporates your wishes and can revise or revoke the document at any time. You also decide whether it’s temporary or permanent and how specific it is. Maybe you’re all right with someone closing your bank account but aren’t comfortable with them selling your home. Just let us know, and we’ll do the rest.

Medical Power of Attorney for Healthcare Concerns

In addition to the financial aspect, there’s also the health and medical side of power of attorney to consider. The latter form provides a person of your choosing with the power to make your healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to. This makes a difference when it comes time to deciding what kind of treatment you may need in situations where you are unable to speak up. We can walk you through the process of selecting a designee and what comes after.

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