Trust Administration

Trust Administration Overview

Trust administration is the process of overseeing assets held within a trust according to the terms of the trust.  This can include tasks such as disbursing funds according to the terms of the trust, investing trust assets and filing tax returns.

We can assist the trustee.  The important role of trustee comes with key responsibilities to stakeholders, which include trust beneficiaries and the Internal Revenue Service.  We can represent trustees and help with responsibilities so that administering the trust goes smoothly, and the trust creator’s desires are respected.

We can serve as trustee.  As trustee, we strive to carry out the wishes of the trust creator with integrity adhering to the terms of the written trust agreement. When given the honor to serve in the role as trustee, we take our responsibility very seriously and we are able to use our understanding of the law to effectively and efficiently administer the trust.

When might I need Trust Administration Services?

  • A Loved One Passed Away Naming You the Trustee:  What are your responsibilities?  What should be your first steps?
  • A Loved One Who Was Trustee Passed Away:  Who will be in charge of the trust now?  What are the next legal and tax steps that need to be taken?  How will the assets in the trust be distributed?
  • Trustee Issues:  Are you concerned about who will take over as trustee of your trust in the future?
  • Mistreated Beneficiary:  What are your rights and options as a beneficiary who is not receiving your fair share?
  • Complaint about the Trustee:  Do you have any recourse against a trustee who is not fulfilling his/her duties?
  • A Trust for Minor Children:  How will you handle assets left for minor children?  How do you safeguard the assets left for minor children?  What are the legal obligations of a trustee of a trust for minor children?

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Basic Trust ADMINISTRATION Services

Typical trust administration include:

  • Investing the trust assets
  • Changing trustees (trustee resignation or death and new trustee acceptance)
  • Handling legal obligations to beneficiaries and IRS
  • Accounting of trust assets
  • Disbursing funds according to trust terms
  • Tax filings
  • Terminating a trust

Additional Trust ADMINISTRATION Services

Certain situations require other services:

  • Contested trusts
  • Trusts that have been improperly administered to-date
  • Changing trust terms
  • Handling real estate held within a trust

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